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What new in Acorn Stairlifts 180 ?

Acorn 180

New T565 PCB Release

Main Control Board T565 for the Acorn 180 Curved Stairlifts.

This new PCB will be introduced in all new orders from June 2015.

This development will introduce amongst other things the main following improvements:

NEW Heavy Duty Lithium Batteries & Enhanced Charging System The Stairlift will double its performance on a single charge reducing the amount of power used by the stairlift and will recharge its batteries faster. Each individual battery will supply 14.8vDC / 5.600mAh and has an integrated PCM (Power Control Module) to protect itself against overload, temperature and discharge.

New Power Supply This new power supply will replace both the standard power supply and high powered charger, removing the need for 2 separate charging systems and providing the Stairlift with a 1.8Amps charge rate.

NEW Hibernation Mode The Stairlift will enter this mode after 60 seconds, reducing battery consumption in the event of a power cut or if the unit is positioned away from the charge point.

NEW Low Battery Safety Function In the event of the lift stopping on upwards travel due to low battery levels, this feature allows the customer to safely drive the lift down the rail to a lower charge point.

NEW Coded RF System & Remote Controls (Complies with EN81-40) Reducing interference and improving remote distance. Using this new Acorn style remote control, the remote now pairs with the Stairlift to reduce interference from other devices.

New Hinge Controller & Hinge Operation (Complies with EN81-40) The combination of the new T565 PCB and the new Hinge Controller will implement a line of sight hinge operation for extra safety. In addition, the new Hinge Controller includes a Battery back up system to operate the hinge in the event of a power cut. Also included are Hinge manual over ride controls and a unique coded RF system on the hinge communications.

Unified Acorn Fault Code System Customer friendly and easier diagnosis throughout the Acorn Stairlift range.

Non Volatile Memory No need to re-program the stairlift if the batteries are removed or discharged.

Fast and Easy Programing System No Internal switches. The program procedure is executed from the outside using the arm toggle switches and the remote control.

Backward Compatible using existing wiring The T565 PCB uses the existing wiring in the current 180 Stairlift.

Elapsed Time & Error Code Storage This new PCB will store elapsed time information and error codes for diagnostic purposes.

Easy Leveling Calibration The level reference is easily calibrated by the software without the need of a multimeter.

7 Speed Settings available Reduced traveling times. The speed settings can be changed without the need to reprogram the rail again

Buzzer Volume Control Introducing different volume settings to accommodate customer preferences.

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